Skogforsk to collaborate with ICC

Skogforsk, the Forestry Research Institute of Sweden, is to collaborate with Grand Rapids-based Itasca Community College (ICC), on a research program developing methods, systems and technology within the bioenergy sector in Minnesota.

The research will focus on the forest-based biomass supply chain, with the aim to increase efficiency and quality.

Skogforsk focuses on research areas such as forest technology, raw-material utilization, environmental impact and conservation, forest tree breeding and organizational structures. It is funded in part by the Swedish government and also by institute members.

ICC aims to create bioenergy-sector workforce development and training programs, and also plans to demonstrate how woody biomass can be used effectively as a fuel source.

The collaboration is supported by the bioenergy partnership between The BioBusiness Alliance of Minnesota (BBAM) and the Swedish Bioenergy Association (SVEBIO).

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