Six people die after biogas tank tragedy in China

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Six people died after being trapped in a biogas tank in Yongshan county, Yunnan province in China, on 10 July, reported China Daily.
At around 12.20pm on the date in question, a villager with the surname 'Hou' was cleaning an overflow tank of livestock manure, and became trapped in it.
Five others - including Hou's father - attempted to rescue him, but were also trapped.
Immediately after the accident, the county's fire, emergency management, public security and health departments rushed to the scene.
Four of the victims showed no signs of life.
The remaining two died after being sent to hospital for treatment.
During the summer, high temperatures can lead to rapid gas production in septic tanks and biogas tanks, which can cause accidental poisoning.
A local government worker told media they were dealing with matters the victims' families and comforting them.
"We are also deeply saddened by this incident," they said.

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