Shredding for bioenergy — innovation in action

Gary Moore, director for global business development at UNTHA shredding technology, discusses pioneering shredding systems for bioenergy production.

It may be becoming an increasingly mature market, but that doesn’t mean innovation is stifling in the world of bioenergy. Operators’ ever-more sophisticated requirements, and manufacturers’ passion to drive change through engineering, means machinery is continually pushing new boundaries.

As is the case when handling any material stream, there are usually three main reasons an organisation would invest in a shredder — volume reduction to free up space and/or optimise transportation of the product; material liberation to aid more effective separation and, therefore, recovery rates; or to achieve an on-specification fraction for alternative fuel production.

When it comes to shredding wood, all three scenarios can apply, but demand for technology to transform wood into a biomass product is currently particularly high. Requirements are becoming increasingly sophisticated too, and rightly so — engineering is becoming ever-more progressive after all.
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