Several people injured in US pellet facility explosion

Several people have been injured in an explosion at Hazlehurst Wood Pellets in Georgia, US.

Four employees were sent to hospital, with two having to be airlifted. One of the victims drove to the hospital by private car with a hand injury, WTOC, a Georgia-based news channel, reported.

The fire started at approximately 4.30pm. At the time of the incident on 3 September, Fire Chief Charles Wasdin said he was not 100% sure of the cause, but believed some pellets may have overheated and ignited, causing a big flash and explosion.

Wasdin said the crews were able to maintain the fire well because around a year ago, having experienced a severe fire previously, the company invested in a suppression system. This system helped to save the potential lives of employees and firefighters, as well as saving time putting out the fire, according to the report.

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