Senior bioenergy players present manifesto to EU Commission

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A delegation of high-level bioenergy players presented their manifesto to Thierry Breton, EU Commissioner for Internal Market, on 6 June.
The manifesto calls for inclusion of the manufacturing of bioenergy technology in the Net Zero Industry Act (NZIA), among other things.
CEOs from European industry giants such as Lhoist, ONF Energie, Palazzetti, Syncraft, Turboden, Valmet and Winhager were among the delegates.
“European policymakers should not shy away from embracing the benefits provided by bioenergy solutions, nor fail to recognise the importance of the sector in our future energy system,” said Bioenergy Europe, who facilitated the manifesto, and released an open letter on the same day as the meeting.
The letter, which, as of 2 June, has already attracted over 300 signatories, aims “to draw attention to the critical role which bioenergy technologies play in delivering the European Union’s net-zero goals for 2050.”
The recent provisional compromise on the Renewable Energy Directive (RED III), with the confirmation that the EU will class bioenergy is 100% renewable, was welcomed by the letter.
In its encouragement of the EU to include manufacturing bioenergy technology within the NZIA, it said: “this will send a strong policy message for further investments. It will also ensure that Europe maintains its technological leadership in modern bioenergy solutions, expanding the highly skilled workforce that is already active in the sector.”
The letter further calls for the EU institutions to ensure both indigenous and imported biomass supply does not become arbitrarily constrained beyond existing sustainability requirements, in accordance with RED III.
The letter also urges the EU institutions to create a clear policy environment for the further mobilisation of new sustainable biomasses from currently unexploited sources. A negative emissions policy framework should build incentives, it added.
The call for signatories will remain open throughout this summer.

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