Senator “fighting” to prevent Fort Drum biomass plant closure

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US Senator for New York Kirsten Gillibrand will try to stop Fort Drum's biomass plant from closing, reported WWNY.
The Democrat told 7 News she is "deeply concerned" at the state's decision to discount biomass as renewable energy, which puts an end to financial incentives for the plant to remain open. ReEnergy, operators of the facility, plan to cease operation at the end of March due to the state's exclusion of biomass in this category.
ReEnergy generates 100 percent of Fort Drum’s power.
Gillibrand said that to have Fort Drum entirely energy independent is one of the greatest aspects of the Army post during any type of national insecurity like a terrorist attack or World War.
Gillibrand recently spoke to Governor Hochul about changing the state’s opinion on biomass.
“I don’t think she’d been briefed on it and I don’t think she understood how important this is for Fort Drum and I think that the legislature also was not aware. I think they just made a judgment on biomass generally, but not specifically for what it does for the north country. So, I am going to push back very hard and I’m going to see if I can get this decision amended, or a waiver created, or some possibility of revisiting this issue because it’s a national security priority,” said Gillibrand.
Gillibrand also wants to fight for the 300 jobs affected. Some are at the plant and others are within the logging industry in the north country.


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