Second biogas plant for Raizen

Raizen, Brazil's largest sugar and ethanol company has announced it will build its second biogas plant, with a production capacity of 71,233 m³/d (2.5mn cf/d) of biomethane.

The company has signed long-term contracts with fertilizer producer Yara and auto manufacturer Volkswagen for the totality of the production. Yara said it would use 20mn m³/d of biomethane output for the production of green ammonia and hydrogen.

Raizen expects to bring the plant on line by 2023. The new plant will be attached to the company's Piracicaba bioenergy complex in Sao Paulo state, which already produces second-generation ethanol. Raizen plans to have 39 biogas plants in operation at its mills by March 2031 and 64 over the long term.

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