Sebigas biogas plant in Belgium now operational

Sebigas has announced its new biogas plant in Nivelles, Belgium is now operational.

The 600 kW plant is located in the city of Nivelles on the Thines river, which is home to around 29,000 people. With the implementation of this facility, engineered by Sebigas, the company can contribute to a circular economy in the region, proving the importance of enhancing agricultural waste management.

The plant is composed of a single-stage anaerobic digestion (AD) process fed with liquid and solid biomass, formed of corn and manure from horses, cows, and pigs. According to Sebigas, particular attention has been placed on the process of loading biomass with straw. The loading line is equipped with a shredder and the technological choices focused in providing flexible use of the plant will guarantee limited plant maintenance operations, helping to maximise operating hours.

With the introduction of this plant, the city of Nivelles is now able to produce energy and further enhance its waste by producing a high-quality digestate to use in agriculture as a soil fertiliser.

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