SEaB optimistic over new investment from San Francisco trade mission

UK based innovators in waste-to-energy technology SEaB Energy are expecting to secure new investment at the Clean + Cool trade mission.

Along with twenty other UK based cleantech companies, Southampton-based SEaB will join the Clean + Cool entrepreneur mission visiting San Francisco from 10th to 17th June 2017.  Clean + Cool Mission 2017 is backed by Innovate UK, the government’s innovation agency, and is designed to help CEOs explore cross boarder opportunities, find faster routes to market and discover ways to overcome some of the toughest challenges facing early stage businesses. 

Sandra Sassow, SEaB Energy’s CEO and co-founder, said in a press release: “Energy and waste are two of the biggest challenges that face cities around the world today. And let’s not forget how precious water is. Today, these are all managed centrally, requiring large facilities and expensive infrastructure. So, imagine a city where organic waste can be transformed into heat, energy and water, directly on site where the waste is produced, and where there is no requirement for garbage trucks, power lines or even water and sewer pipes” 

“This vision, coupled with our patented technology, is not only now becoming highly appealing to cities and municipalities, but also to large corporates who can realise an attractive on-going revenue potential from their waste”.

SEaB’s ‘Power in a box’ small-scale power plant turns food and organic waste into energy, water and fertiliser directly on the site where the waste is produced, removing the costly and environmentally harmful removal and transportation of waste between sites.

Enjoying significant growth in the US market, SEaB is looking to use convertible debt funding to meet its expanding financial needs, and realise its ambitious targets. 

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