Scottish whisky distillery to build AD wastewater treatment facility

Alpheus Environmental has won a contract to provide wastewater services at Glenmorangie Distillery to generate renewable energy. The Cambridgeshire, UK-based company, a contracting arm of Anglian Water Group, will install an anaerobic digestion facility to generate electricity from wastewater by-products at the distillery.

Three full-time workers from Alpheus will be employed on-site. Declan Maguire, managing director of Alpheus Environmental and its Irish sister business Celtic Anglian Water, told Insider.co.uk: “We are delighted to have been successfully awarded this contract, supporting Glenmorangie in the production of some legendary whiskies and assisting them in operating their plant in the most sustainable way.

“In addition to protecting the Dornoch Firth, the recovery of energy from the treatment process feeding back into the distillery makes it highly sustainable and beneficial for the environment.

“We are always seeking to bring the new innovative water and wastewater treatment technologies and processes developed in the group to other industrial, commercial and municipal clients in the UK and Ireland.”

Glenmorangie has been producing single malt whisky in the Scottish Highlands since 1843.

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