Scotland's first gas-to-grid AD plant receives financing

Iona Capital, together with Scotia Gas Networks (SGN), has invested in Keithick Biogas for the development of a gas-to-grid anaerobic digestion (AD) plant in Scotland.

The project, which will be the first of its kind in Scotland, is expected to commence operations later this year. The AD plant is being supplied by German company MT-Energie, while SGN will provide the gas upgrading plant and will oversee the connection of the plant to the local gas grid. Scotland-based provider of on-farm and energy-from-waste AD facilities, Biogas Power, will manage the plant.

The new facility will process over 36,000 tonnes a year of whole crop rye, maize, sugar beet waste, raw silage and chicken litter sources from local businesses. This will generate over 3 million m3 of biomethane for the local gas grid, in addition to a biofertiliser.

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