Scirocco signs exclusivity agreement with nutrient recovery tech provider

Scirocco Energy’s subsidiary, SEUK, has signed an exclusivity agreement with sustainability technology provider, SEM Energy Limited (SEM), for a nutrient recovery system.

It is anticipated that SEM will provide SEUK’s investee company, Energy Acquisitions Group (EAG), with digestate management and nutrient recovery technology, known as the H2OPE System.

The system processes digestate, a by-product of biogas production, into nutrient-dense, high-quality fertiliser, nutritionally balanced growth media, and a sustainable peat substitute, which can be used in a range of growing environments across the sector. The H2OPE System also produces re-usable water and significantly reduces CO2 emissions compared to traditional practices.

EAG intends to apply the technology to its operating plant at Greenan – a 0.5 MWe AD plant in Northern Ireland, acquired by Scirocco in October - as well as working with other AD plant owners to assess the potential benefits of funding the installation of a ‘bolt-on’ nutrient recovery system on a merchant basis.

“This represents the next step in our investment strategy supporting investment in ‘circular’ within the agricultural sector, alongside our existing investment in EAG,” said Scirocco Energy CEO, Tom Reynolds.

“The application of this kind of technology will help optimise the operational and environmental performance of our current and expected future AD plants, as well as providing a new revenue stream that can be scaled in line with our portfolio.”

Scirocco Energy completed its £1.2 million (€1.39 million) investment in EAG this summer. The two companies created a joint venture platform to leverage EAG’s network and experience to access a pipeline of already identified acquisition opportunities within the AD and biogas market.

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