Schwager completes fifth biogas plant in Chile

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Schwager has successfully completed the construction of a new biogas plant in the Los Lagos Region of Chile.
This is the fifth plant built by the company, and it is located near the city of Osorno, where Schwager Biogas said its modern plant will meet the various needs of both the community and the company that commissioned this project - Ecoprial - for its sanitary landfill.
The plant, owned by Ecoprial, will extend the lifespan of the landfill, revalorise old landfill waste, provide liquid fertiliser to the agricultural community and align with current trends of sustainable business practices over time, according to the company.
The biogas-generating digestion plant has the capacity to process 200 tons of organic waste per day and produce 1.100 cubic metres of biogas per hour.
The original project, designed, engineered and executed by Schwager Biogas, involved co-digestion of various Solid Organic Waste Material (such as primary sludge, biological purges and other organic residues) sourced from the wastewater treatment processes of different companies that deposit their waste at the Ecoprial landfill.
The plant involves the treatment of organic waste through anaerobic digestion, occurring within a system of CSTR-type reactors.
These reactors break down the organic matter in the waste, transforming it into biogas and fertiliser to enhance agricultural soils.
The project required significant investment and took 12 months to complete.
According to Josefa Gutiérrez, general manager of Schwager Biogas: “This project signifies a substantial contribution to Chile's sustainable development by converting organic waste into both energy and fertiliser. This initiative marks a pivotal stride towards the implementation of circular economy principles within the agrobusiness sector and addresses the current posed by existing landfills throughout the country.
"We are proud of this project, the sixth one we have constructed within our company, which entailed the effort of a technical and professional team dedicated to achieving high-quality standards.
'This marks a new milestone and challenges us to continue developing projects throughout the country."

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