Schmack Biogas builds biomethane plant in France

Schmack Biogas, a Viessmann Group company, has been awarded a contract for the construction of a biomethane plant in Épaux-Bézu (Picardy) in northern France. 

France is the biggest agricultural producer in the EU and therefore offers one of the largest potential biomass markets for the production of biogas.

Since the feed-in tariff for biogas was revised in 2011, there has been greater demand for the fermentation of biowaste and organic residues from the agricultural industry in France.

This feed-in tariff is a benefit to small gas processing agriculture plants.

The planned biogas plant is expected to be able to produce 500Nm3/h of crude biogas, which will be refined to a methane content of at least 97% by means of pressure-swing adsorption (PSA process).

As a result, the biogas will be natural gas-grade and will be able to be fed into Épaux-Bézu's local supply network.

Schmack Carbotech, the Viessmann Group's biogas processing specialist, will supply the gas processing plant.

Schmack Biogas will supply the biogas plant itself, and is responsible for the entire project in its role as the general contractor.

It is expected that biomethane will start being fed into the natural gas network in July 2016.

The customer is Letang Hoche Biogaz, SARL, a local joint enterprise formed by the farmers Letang and Hoche.

From vegetable waste and catch crops, the business will be able to produce around 25 million kWh of biomethane as a natural gas equivalent, which equates approximately to the annual supply of renewable heat for around 1,500 households.

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