Scheme to give businesses biomass systems for free

A new scheme has been launched in the UK which will enable businesses to receive fully funded biomass boiler installations.

Anesco, the company behind the scheme, plans to install ETA biomass boilers, and also provide fuel storage, delivery systems, performance monitoring and annual services.

Firms will have the benefit of being able to reduce their heating costs by between 30-50%, if they are currently using oil or LPG systems.

The scheme is mainly targeted at medium to large businesses that have large heating systems, such as nursing homes, hotels, large commercial units and leisure centres.

Anesco is able to receive all costs back from its investments through the government’s renewable heat incentive programme which gives payments towards companies creating heat from renewable systems.

‘Funding is always difficult for some organisations, so we’ve been able to pull together an innovative fully funded offering, to help businesses install a brand new boiler free of charge,’ says Adrian Pike, CEO of Anesco. ‘As we developed our ESCO model, which looks at every aspect of an organisations operations and how their buildings function, we found there is a distinct need to provide a greener way to heat buildings.’

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