Scepticism over biomass project

Questions of doubt are being expressed with regards to Delta Electricity’s plans to use plant material for biomass at one of its power stations.

Delta’s Wallerawang power station in New South Wales, Australia may start burning biomass as part of a budding $250 million (€183 million) co-firing project. Delta has already planted mallee eucalypt trees with the idea of turning them into renewable fuel pellets and plans to reduce coal consumption at the plant by up to 20%.

The project has potential but Delta’s other proposal – an extension at its Mount Piper generator to produce 2,000MW from either gas or coal – is still a cause for concern.

‘The fact that they can now start talking about biomass after they’ve lodged and received approval for development applications for a massive coal-fired power station shows that they’re not really serious about biomass,’ said Greens NSW MP John Kaye. ‘They should abandon ship on their new coal-fired power station and have a closer look at biomass.’

The concept plans for the multi-billion dollar extension has been approved by the Planning Department.

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