Scania Denmark offers customers trial rentals of biogas trucks

Scania Denmark is offering customers trial rentals of its compressed biogas G 410 truck. According to the company, despite the clear advantages of anaerobic digestion to create biogas for transport, customers are “reluctant” to make the switch to biogas. The biogas truck available to rent from Scania is a 4x2 tractor the company says suits “the many common transport operations in Denmark”.

Scania Denmark sales director Anton Freiesleben said: “In Denmark, only 0.5% of trucks run on gas. There is a definite potential to substantially raise that share. By offering customers trials through short-term rentals, we hope to demystify gas propulsion. We want to let customers discover for themselves just how good our modern gas trucks actually are and how simple they are to operate.”

There are now 17 filling stations in Denmark for compressed gas, with biogas being the only available fuel. Freiesleben added: “So, we can claim more than 100% CO2 reduction. How, you might ask, can we exceed 100%? The answer is that if the organic waste from agriculture had not been anaerobically digested to biogas, it would spread as fertiliser on farmland, emitting methane which is a much more harmful greenhouse gas than CO2.”

According to Scania, the added total operating cost for a biogas tractor compared with a conventional diesel truck is DKK 5,000 per month (€670), calculated on an annual mileage of 80,000km. Broken down by load, this amounts to an additional DKK 0.15 (€0.02).

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