Scandinavian Biogas partners with AFRY for engineering services on new Sweden plant

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Scandinavian Biogas has awarded AFRY an engineering assignment for its new biogas production plant in Mönsterås, Sweden, which is expected to be commissioned during Q4 2024.
AFRY has been involved in the project in the early development stages, and as the project enters its implementation phase, AFRY has been appointed as a detail engineering partner.
AFRY will deliver detail engineering services for the project and special expertise services, such as health and safety consulting, project risk management and document management services. The value of AFRY's assignment is not disclosed.
Scandinavian Biogas has decided to invest approximately 760 million SEK (66.7m EUR) in the Mönsterås biogas plant. It will produce liquefied biogas that will primarily be used as fuel for heavy transportations on the road and shipping sector.
The production facility is expected to achieve a production capacity of 120 GWh of liquefied biogas which corresponds to approximately 12 million litres of diesel.
"It feels good to have a partner who also shares our mission to accelerate the transition to a sustainable society. AFRY has been involved in similar projects within biogas, which makes them a relevant partner for us in this project", said Robert Hammarstedt, programme office manager at Scandinavian Biogas.
"We are proud to be able to contribute to Scandinavian Biogas' strategic investment, which is a very good example of a sustainable and circular solution with significant environmental benefits. This will be a long-awaited solution in the challenge of limited fertiliser production for the farmers in the region", said Jonny Stridh, vice president process industries Sweden, AFRY.
Mönsterås is one of Sweden's most animal-dense municipalities and is characterised by many agricultural facilities where the production generates manure in large quantities that may limit operations.
With this as a starting point, in co-operation with local farmers, Scandinavian Biogas said it will build and operate a biogas plant that will produce liquid biogas and hygienic biofertiliser from recycled manure. The project enables a green transition for both locally produced food and for heavy transportations.

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