Scandinavian Biogas plans new biogas plant in Perstorp, Sweden

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The municipal board of Perstorp in Skåne County, Sweden, has approved planning permission for Scandinavian Biogas to operate a biogas plant on industrial land west of Kronvägen.
The area in question (north of Kronägg and west of Kronvägen and the treatment ponds) is planned for industry and is adjacent to other heavier activities.
The detailed plan is still considered suitable based on the intended activity, but the limitation in height (7 metres) needs to be changed to allow a maximum ridge height of 35 metres for parts of the area, according to the municipal board.
Scandinavian Biogas intends to apply for an environmental permit to operate a biogas plant in the area and estimates that the plant will result in 12-14 new jobs in the form of plant manager, process engineer, process technician and warehouse staff.
In addition, the business can generate jobs in transport services and logistics within own haulage, technical support and service as well as hotels and restaurants.
The purchase price for the land is fixed at SEK 70/square metre, according to the rate decided by the municipal council.
The envisaged biogas plant in Perstorp is planned to primarily receive manure and residual products from agriculture, but also other organic waste. The organic material is treated and digested in digesters and then produces biogas and biofertiliser.
The production in Perstorp is estimated to be enough for the annual consumption of 12,000 VW Golfs or 400 heavy trucks if it becomes a reality.
"We look very positively on an establishment there, as the area has been planned in detail for industrial purposes for many, many years. Finally, there is the opportunity to create a business that generates a number of new jobs while also being an opportunity to contribute to increased energy production. This is exactly the right time," said municipal board chairman Ronny Nilsson.
"It is a long process to get all the permits in place, great fun that we have now taken the first step! I believe that this establishment can be very positive for Perstorp's development through the direct and indirect jobs that will be created. In addition, there are opportunities to collaborate with the existing business community in Perstorp towards sustainable development," added municipal director Elin Ask.

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