Scandinavia and the Baltics – ready for clean energy expansion

“In Lithuania, the share of biomass in residential district heating has increased from 30% to 70% over the last five years”

Bioenergy plans and developments across Scandinavia and the Baltics appear well-equipped to capitalise on any post-COVID-19 surge in public support for clean energy to replace fossil fuels.

In the midst of coping with the devastating human impact of the global pandemic, the re-emergence of rivers where you can actually see the fish and skies where you can study the stars has potentially opened the door for a major shift away from polluting sources of energy. Only time will tell how long that door will stay open, however, especially in the face of low-cost oil and a desperate need for countries to re-boot their economies.

It’s important to be ready to grasp the moment, therefore, which is exactly the picture presented by Sweden’s Roadmap Bioenergy. Published in March, when the COVID-19 reality was just starting to dawn on many of us, the roadmap declared that bioenergy is already fully prepared to be able to supply more than half of Sweden’s energy needs by 2045. That’s a...

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