SBP welcomes PEFC GHG emission data transfer initiative

The Sustainable Biomass Partnership (SBP) says it welcomes the Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification (PEFC) initiative to develop a voluntary mechanism for the transfer of GHG emission-related data along the PEFC-certified supply chain.

The SBP had identified this as an important opportunity for PEFC given that wood-for-energy producers need to collect and provide GHG data to regulators in European markets. SBP recognises forest-level certification schemes, such as PEFC, and does not intend to compete with, or replicate, them. The development of a GHG emission data transfer mechanism under the PEFC scheme is an important step towards PEFC providing a complete certification solution for woody biomass users.

SBP executive director Peter Wilson says: 'Woody biomass has an important role to play in the future energy mix of the EU. The SBP is keen to encourage greater uptake of certification in key forest source areas and this includes helping forest-level certification schemes to provide a complete certification solution for wood-to-energy producers.

'SBP had been in discussion with PEFC to encourage the development of a mechanism to enable the transfer of GHG emission data along the supply chain. We are delighted to see this initiative is now underway and are pleased to be playing a full part in its development.'

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