Saria Doncaster site becomes energy self-sufficient with ReFood AD plant

UK-based food and agri company Saria’s Doncaster site is now running completely off-grid and using 100% renewable energy, the company says.

Recycling more than 160,000 tonnes of food waste annually in a ReFood anaerobic digestion (AD) plant, the state-of-the-art facility generates 5MWh of electricity via combined heat and power (CHP), alongside hot water and heat.

A sustainable biofertiliser is also produced as a by-product of the process, which is used by local farmers to support crop growth.

As part of a group-wide sustainability initiative, a percentage of the produced energy is now also being used to power other businesses sharing the Ings Road site.

With ReFood Doncaster providing electricity, heating, and hot water, the site is powered entirely by renewable energy and running completely off-grid.

“Through continued investment and our pioneering AD process, we are now able to not only provide homes and businesses across the region with access to a complexly sustainable energy source, but also minimise our own reliance on fossil fuels,” said Philip Simpson, commercial director at Saria.

In addition, any food waste produced as a by-product of manufacturing processes is sent directly to the ReFood facility, making Saria’s Doncaster operations self-sufficient in terms of energy production and food waste recycling.

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