Saica Group opens its first biomass plant in France

Saica Group, a firm that provides sustainable recycled paper, corrugated cardboard packaging and flexible packaging manufacturing solutions, has opened its first biomass plant in France. The company inaugurated the plant at its paper mill in Venizel, France.

Having received an investment of €41m, the biomass plant uses recycled wood and rejections from the production process to meet the demand of the steam process. The plant prevents sending waste to landfill by utilising waste wood.

Saica’s new biomass plant generates all the required energy to operate the Saica Venizel paper mill, using 75,000 tonnes of discarded wood and 26,000 tonnes of by-products generated in the paper and pulp production process. The company says the plant displays its commitment to the principles of a circular economy: 280,000 tonnes of paper and cardboard are gathered within a radius of 150km to produce recycled paper, while 75,000 tonnes of discarded wood is collected in a radius of 80km to produce energy.

The new plant will reduce onsite carbon dioxide emissions by 71% or 46,500 tonnes per year, and the consumption of natural gas by 89%, replaced by energy from waste. Saica employs 160 workers and 1,400 indirect jobs in the Hauts-de-France region. Throughout France, Saica has 22 production sites and employs nearly 2,300 direct employees.

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