Rumpke and Energy Developments to construct landfill gas plant in Ohio

US waste and recycling firm Rumpke is partnering with Energy Developments (EDL) to construct a landfill gas-to-electricity facility at an Ohio landfill.

The 4.8MW facility, to be located at the Brown County Landfill near Georgetown, is estimated to produce enough electricity to power nearly 3,000 homes.

The electricity will go directly from the site to American Municipal Power (AMP) Ohio, who will distribute it to consumers.

The Brown country system will be Rumpke’s third landfill gas recovery system, according to Bill Rumpke, Jr., president and CEO at Rumpke.

“We started harvesting landfill gas at our site in Colerain Township in 1986 and today it remains one of the world’s largest landfill gas to direct energy pipeline systems,” said Rumpke.

Currently, Rumpke recovers landfill gases through 80 gas wells throughout the site and directs the gases to a central flare system, where they are destroyed.

“Recycling landfill gas allows us to reduce greenhouse gases produced at the site, while at the same time providing the region access to a cleaner energy source. It’s a great example of elevating waste to a higher value-reuse as valuable energy,” Rumpke said.

Rumpke and EDL broke ground at the site in early November and the plant is expected to be operational by April 2017.

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