RuBa Energie signs up king grass

Biogas power plant operator RuBa Energie has signed an agreement to purchase grass from clean energy company Viaspace.

As part of the agreement, a test plot of five acres of Viaspace Giant King Grass was planted at the RuBa facility in Kevelaer, Germany, on 6 June 2010.

The goal of the collaboration with RuBa is to produce an alternative, high yield, non-food feedstock for the more than 4,000 bio-digesters operating in Germany.

Viapsace and RuBa will determine optimal growing conditions for Giant King Grass and test biogas energy production under real-time conditions at RuBa's 1MW biogas electric power plant.

‘We expect that Giant King Grass mass-yields will be three times greater than corn, and we can potentially reduce land usage, and related expenses, by that same factor while generating the same electricity output,’ RuBa CEO Georg Ruffen remarks.

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