Romania’s largest chemical group to modernise biomass-powered plant

Source: Chimcomplex
Source: Chimcomplex
Romania's largest chemical group, Chimcomplex, plans to expand energy capacities it ats A6 Dej platform through an extensive modernisation of a power plant that currently operates on biomass.
Once the upgrade is complete, the plant is set to generate up to 80 MW of electric and thermal energy, which will be harnessed within a new chemical processing factory.
At the end of last year, Chimcomplex commissioned the largest cogeneration plant that has been built in Romania in the last 11 years - with a capacity of 49.6 MW.
It is the first Trigeneration plant built in Europe.
The Masterplan of Chimcomplex's Energy Division includes investments that will generate sufficient energy to ensure the energy security of the Group, as well as the communities it is part of, according to the organisation.

Source: Chimcomplex

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