Romania to allocate €100m to biomass and biogas energy

The Romanian authorities plan to allocate more than €100 million for a state aid scheme aimed at supporting energy production from renewable sources that are less exploited.

According to a draft project published the website of the EU Fund Ministry, these sources include biomass, biogas, and geothermal energy.

The money comes from non-reimbursable EU funds provided through the European Regional Development Fund, but also from the state budget, reports Romania Insider.

The authorities plan to allocate more than €20.1 million for 2017, €30.1 million for 2018, and €40.2 million for 2019, and €10 million for 2020 in the support scheme.

The maximum amount granted to a beneficiary cannot exceed €15 million and the state aid cannot exceed 45% of the eligible costs.

The document states that Romania depends less on the imports of energy (22.7% in 2012) than the EU average (53.4%) due to the measures aimed at promoting energy efficiency and boosting energy production from renewable sources.

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