Rollcast’s big three

North Carolina-based renewable power plant operator Rollcast Energy is planning to construct three biomass plants – the first of which is expected to be operational by 2012.

The Piedmont Green Power plant will utilise around 500,000 tonnes of wood waste annually to generate 53.5MW of power that will benefit 40,000 homes located in Barnesville, Georgia, US. The facility, due to be operational by 2012, will be constructed by Texas-based Zachry Industrial. With the permits already secured, construction is due to begin in the Q4 of this year.

Around 300 building jobs will be created during construction, along with 27 full-time positions during operation and another 100 will be created in fuel processing and delivery.

Rollcast is also developing another two biomass-to-energy projects, one near Franklin, Georgia, and one near Newberry, South Carolina. Both of these refineries will be of a similar size to the Piedmont Green Power plant.

Rollcast president and CEO Penn Cox explains that all biomass plants will use a mixture of forest residue and urban wood waste to some extent, but the facilities’ locations determine the blend. The South Carolina plant will use more forestry residue than urban waste, as the site is surrounded by forestlands, while the Georgia plants will use more urban wood waste.

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