Rohe Solutions “first Finnish firm” to liquefy biogas at Hamina LNG Terminal

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Rohe Solutions, which sells natural gas, LNG and biogas as well as related services within industrial manufacturing, plans to start liquefying biogas from the grid at the Hamina LNG terminal in Finland, with deliveries due to start in early 2024.
The company plans to begin offering its customer Bio-LNG, or liquefied biogas in the same year.
Rohe Solutions is part of Haminan kaasuklusteri, a Finnish coalition of gas and energy companies operating in the Hamina area. As part of the coalition, the company will be able to offer extensive Bio-LNG supply channels also from beyond Finland.
The market demand of bio-LNG is growing rapidly, but domestic production in Finland is still very limited.
Furthermore, ongoing projects to increase domestic production are at an early stage. The availability of bio-LNG has therefore been a challenge, especially regarding short term needs, according to the company.
It added that Bio-LNG liquefied at the Hamina LNG terminal is a beneficial solution for both biogas users and producers.
For the user, biogas liquefaction at the terminal improves the availability of biogas, which is important as demand is growing.
For the user, adding a renewable energy source, such as liquefied biogas, to its fuel portfolio will enable the user to reduce emissions with solutions that are sustainable well into the future.
It emphasised that smaller biogas producers will benefit from the possibility of biogas liquefaction at the LNG terminal, because this can be done without the producer having to make costly investments in liquefaction equipment.
To be liquefied at the terminal, locally produced biogas must be injected into the national gas grid.
“Rohe Solutions is cooperating with various stakeholders to increase the supply of biogas. By liquefying biogas from the grid, we will be able to offer Bio-LNG to the market before the planned biogas production plant projects are completed,” said Sanna Kokkonen, CEO.

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