RNG Coalition celebrates milestone of 300 operational RNG facilities in North America

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The Coalition for Renewable Natural Gas (RNG Coalition) has announced that North America now has 300 operational renewable natural gas (RNG) facilities, up from just over 30 facilities in 2011, when RNG Coalition was founded.
The organisation said this is a landmark achievement, and that the growth reflects the RNG industry's commitment to mitigating climate change, fostering energy security, and ensuring a cleaner, greener future for present and future generations.
“The monumental increase in RNG facilities developed over the last decade-plus is reason to celebrate; unequivocally, RNG facilities are an imperative to mitigating methane and carbon in our advancement toward a more sustainable society and circular economy," said RNG Coalition founder and CEO Johannes Escudero.
“We are proud of this achievement, but it is merely the foundation that RNG Coalition member organisations will continue to build on to harness the full power of RNG in pursuit of a cleaner planet."
While the landmark of 300 operational RNG facilities is the result of decades of development, there still remains substantial unrealised potential behind RNG in North America and beyond, added RNG Coalition.
Date released by the organisation indicates that 178 more RNG facilities are currently under construction across the US and Canada, with another 303 facilities in planning stages.
This means that the region is on track to reach 750+ RNG facilities in North America in the coming years, indicating tremendous runway for increased methane capture and utilisation.
“Even with this great milestone reached, it is critical that policymakers continue to create conditions that allow RNG to compete as a flexible decarbonisation tool,” RNG Coalition founder and CFO David Cox said today.
“The enormous environmental, economic and energy benefits of RNG cannot be underestimated as we work to limit and leverage methane emissions from society’s inevitable waste streams.”
Long term, RNG Coalition said it will continue to lead through its SMART initiative to capture and control methane from more than 43,000 organic waste sites across North America by 2050, achieving meaningful benchmarks by 2025, 2030 and 2040.

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