RNG, carbon offsetting to help DTE Energy customers cut emissions

As part of Detroit-based DTE Energy’s 2050 net-zero commitment, DTE Gas will offer customers a new way to reduce their carbon footprint through renewable natural gas (RNG).

The programme, called CleanVision Natural Gas Balance, is the first in the nation to include both carbon offsets and RNG. It is focused on protecting Michigan forests that naturally absorb greenhouse gases (GHGs).

RNG will be sourced by transforming landfill emissions and wastewater treatment plant by-products into usable gas. Natural Gas Balance offers DTE Energy’s customers a way to affordably offset 25-100% of GHG emissions from an average home’s natural gas use.

Madcap Coffee, a speciality roaster based in Grand Rapids, has joined the programme as the first Natural Gas Balance customer. The company’s mission is to use the business of coffee to promote positive change, including through sustainability.

“We’re proud to have a local Michigan company with such a strong commitment to sustainability become the first new member of this programme,” said DTE Gas’ president and chief operating officer, Matthew Paul.

“When we announced our 2050 net-zero emissions commitment last year, we promised our customers that they could join us on this journey. Natural Gas Balance is the fulfilment of that promise and empowers both residential and small business customer to work with us to make Michigan a cleaner, healthier place to live.”

DTE Gas’ 2050 net-zero plan includes suppliers and customers, as well as its own gas operations. This clean energy commitment combined with customer participation in sustainability programmes like Natural Gas Balance and energy efficiency could reduce annual GHG emissions by more than 6 million tonnes by 2050 – equivalent to offsetting the natural gas emissions of 1 million homes or taking 1.3 million cars off the road annually.

DTE is the first energy company to offer an environmental programme that combines the use of RNG and a robust carbon offset programme aimed at protecting Michigan’s forests, which naturally remove GHG emissions.

The programme offers four levels of participation, ranging from $4 to offset 25% of an average home’s gas use emissions, to $16 monthly to offset 100% of an average home’s gas use.

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