Right technology, wrong location?

Back in July 2010 UK, Wiltshire-based Malaby Martin’s proposed biogas plant in Warminster was approved by Wiltshire Council, subject to some landscaping adjustments being made.

Now the company is hoping to get the seal of approval before construction of the waste-to-electricity facility begins.

‘There are some tweaks and changes we have to make regarding the visual impact of the plant,’ says Thomas Minter, co-director of Malaby Martin. ‘For example, we propose to reduce the level of the ground around tanks to reduce their bulky appearance.’

Building work is expected to take between nine and 12 months and will commence as soon as permission is granted. It will convert food waste and cow slurry into methane, which will generate enough electricity for 1,000 households.

However, the plant’s visual impact on the landscape and increased traffic, resulting in additional noise and pollution, is concerning residents and Warminster Town Council planning committee chairman Martin Baker is said to approve the technology but disagree with the choice of location.

A decision on the planning application is expected by March later this year.    

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