RHI scheme boosts trade

Biomass heating company HWEnergy has predicted 40% growth for 2012.

As the first business in Scotland to sign up for the Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI), HWEnergy has subsequently doubled its workforce in preparation for expected trade expansion.

The RHI scheme encourages non-domestic properties to use renewable technologies, extending payments of up to £0.085 (€0.1) for each kilowatt-hour produced over a 20-year period to those that do.

HWEnergy is predicting an increase in turnover from around £3.8 million (4.54 million) to £5.5 million (6.57 million) as more businesses and public sector organisations learn about the incentive and want to install biomass systems.

The company believes the biomass boiler at its Fort William headquarters will save 50 tonnes of carbon each year as well as providing an income through RHI.

‘It is interesting for Scotland. We can use the timber resources we have and generate this high-value heat,’ says Bruno Berardelli, HWEnergy MD. ‘It is a tremendous opportunity for our clients to receive a long-term financial incentive for using a renewable heating fuel we can produce in our own country.’


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