Renova completes construction of 75 MW biomass power plant

Renova has completed the construction of Kanda Biomass Power Plant, a 75 MW capacity facility in Japan’s Fukuoka Prefecture.

The plant, constructed by Kanda Biomass Energy K.K., a company capitalised by Renova, uses 100% wood biomass as fuel. The project aims to effectively utilise wood generated during forest maintenance, such as forest thinnings and by-products generated during resource processing for biomass power, and to implement ‘healthy cycles’ of biomass resources as CO2 adsorption sources, resulting in a contribution to sustainable carbon neutrality.

Renova is proceeding the biomass power generation projects of the same scale in four other areas – Tsuda, Tokushima; Hibarino, Ishinomaki; Gamo, Sendai, and Omaezaki Port.

With the commencement of commercial operations at the Kanda Biomass Power Plant, the generation capacity of the company’s operating power plants (solar and biomass) will be approximately 400 MW in total, and that of the power plants currently under construction will be around 900 MW.

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