Renfrew County issued BDO Zone ‘AA’ rating for woody biomass

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The County of Renfrew and Ecostrat have announced the issue of an investment grade BDO Zone Rating for Woody Biomass.
The Zone is centred in Pembroke, Ontario in Canada, and is the province’s first ‘AA’ rating for Pulpwood.
Renfrew County’s BDO Zone ‘AA’ rating denotes very high prospective viability of feedstock supply chain and infrastructure, and very low expectations of default risk in the Zone.
They indicate very strong ongoing capacity of the region to support new bio-based plant operations.
The Zone features an ample supply of pulpwood and offers a strategic advantage in transportation costs over most competitors due to close proximity to major sawmill clusters around Pembroke.
The Zone predominantly consists of public forests adhering to rigorous certification and strict ecological guidelines, ensuring a sustainable wood supply from certified forests.
David Wybou, business development officer, County of Renfrew stated: “Forestry has always been a foundational pillar within Renfrew County and we are eager to engage with bio-based companies to expand and diversify our biomass into new markets. We take great pride in the sustainable management of our forests and the BDO Zone rating underscores our commitment to advancing biobased economic development and fostering job creation.”
Jordan Solomon, chairman of the BDO Zone Initiative added: “Building on their rich history of sustainable forestry through generations, Renfrew County’s ‘AA’ rating position them as a frontrunner in the province.
"The rating will serve to unlock new markets and opportunities for woody biomass utilization, and spur biobased economic growth for the region.”

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