Renewables united: 8 energy associations issue joint statement on future of the grid

In the US, eight national business groups representing a diverse range of renewable technologies, from wind and solar to biomass, biogas and waste-to-energy, have released a joint statement outlining a positive vision for the future of the US’ power grid.

Titled “A Shared Vision of the Twenty First Century Grid”, the groups advocate mutual support for market structures that appropriately value new and existing technologies, tax policy continuity and parity for all renewable technologies, and the expansion and modernisation of the electrical grid to support the proper operation and integration of clean power sources.

Among the eight renewable energy associations to sign the joint statement are the American Biogas Council, Biomass Power Association and the Energy Recovery Council.

“To facilitate the ongoing transition to a new power supply paradigm, we jointly call for a sustained, positive effort to build a 21st century grid infrastructure that takes full advantage of technology available today to increase the efficiency and reliability of the grid,” the joint statement says. “Those technologies include demand response, energy storage, and the broad portfolio of grid-scale and distributed renewable generation technologies available today. These renewable technologies include hydro, biomass, geothermal, biogas, waste-to-energy, fuel cells, and combined heat and power as well as wind and solar power.”

The eight signatories make clear their vision of the future, and the benefits they believe it could deliver.

“Our vision of the future power grid promises economic savings, improved reliability, greater access to electric power, environmental improvement, and more diverse choices for consumers and producers of electric power,” the statement concludes.


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