Renewables: a viable source for Vietnam

At least 5% of total electricity production in Vietnam could come from renewable sources by 2020.

This equates to 2,400 MW a year experts says. Before the southeast Asian country reaches this figure, the government will need to provide hefty capital assistance.

Le Tuan Phong, deputy director of the Ministry of Industrial and Trades Energy Department, says the sector would focus on developing biogas projects as well as small-scale hydro-power plants, wind and solar energy plans.

‘The ministry had submitted to the government a master plan for the development of renewable energy, including strategies, incentive policies and regulations to encourage the development of this sector,’ Phong comments.

The government would need to create favourable conditions for the renewable energy to develop, including rapid approval of land grants, pricing policies for alternate energy and permission for different sectors to get involved, experts say.

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