Renewable energy and biomass plants set for Africa

Clean energy facility DP Cleantech (DPC) is to partnership with Addis Ababa-based Cambridge Industries (CI) to facilitate the rollout of biomass and waste-to-energy projects in Africa.

The first project, in consortium with China National Electrical Engineering (CNEE) has been secured, and will deliver a waste-to-energy plant in Ethiopia.

DPC will supply the technology to the project, developed by CI and CNEE on a turnkey basis for Ethiopian Electric Power (EEP), for the production of clean electricity, while all-dry flue gas treatment technology will be used to meet strict EU-standard emission limits required by the Ethiopian government.

‘The development of waste-to-energy has gained some traction in Africa, and the commitment of EEP is a significant step towards securing Ethiopia’s future energy needs,’ says DPC CEO Simon Parker. ‘The partnership with CI will enable us to advance the role that we believe waste and biomass have to play in the clean energy future of the continent.’

The plant will be located adjacent to the Reppie landfill site, the largest site of its kind in Ethiopia, and will use that available feedstock as its source of renewable energy. Design and preparatory work has reportedly already begun, while further projects in Djibouti, Senegal, Uganda, Kenya and Ethiopia are at planning stages.

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