Renergi completes biomass conversion plant in Western Australia

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Renewable energy technology firm Renergi has completed the construction of a $10.4 million (€6.3m) biomass conversion plant in Western Australia (WA).
The Collie Resource Recovery Centre will see household rubbish and biomass converted into useful products, including commercially viable bio-char, bio-oil and wood vinegar.
The plant, which was built using a patented design and uses technology developed in WA by Renergi, is the first of its kind and positions Collie as a pioneer in the negative-emission bio-based circular economy.
Renergi and its technology were incubated at Curtin University by an engineering team led by Professor Chun-Zhu Li.
With the potential to revolutionise the way waste is managed, the project is demonstrative of a possible clean way of converting biomass and municipal solid wastes into valuable products.
The project was developed in partnership with the Shire of Collie, and has received significant support from the Western Australia and Commonwealth governments.
Renergi also attracted investment from a private consortium to develop the project.
Up to 12 full-time jobs will be created to support the operation of the facility, which is co-located with the Shire of Collie's landfill site.
Federal Energy Minister Chris Bowen said: "The world's climate emergency is regional Australia's jobs opportunity and this ARENA-backed project is an excellent example.
"Renergi is laying the foundations for a new bioenergy industry that will ensure Collie seizes the opportunities of our nation's energy transformation.
"This project demonstrates how all levels of Government – Federal, State and local – can work collaboratively to create jobs in our regional communities as the world decarbonises."

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