ReEnergy to supply renewable power to Fort Drum

The US Army intends to award a long-term contract to ReEnergy Holdings, a biomass energy producer that generates energy from renewable materials.

The Defense Logistics Agency (DLA) Energy, in coordination with the Army Energy Initiatives Task Force (EITF), issued a notice of intent to award to ReEnergy Holdings for the purchase of up to 28MW of electricity from the renewable energy biomass facility at Fort Drum. This deal will include a 20-year power purchase agreement and provide the installation with 100% energy security and sustainability.

While the contract still awaits final approval from the army, the proposed deal is expected to help Fort Drum save on energy costs and make the plant energy independent and secure.

'The Army's plan to award ReEnergy a 20-year contract is great news for this energy company and for Fort Drum,' says US senator Charles Schumer, 'which will now have reliable access to clean, low-cost power for years to come.'

Schumer also noted in a statement that this is the army's largest renewable energy project to date and the second EITF project to reach this milestone.

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