Record-breaking bioenergy investment in Victoria

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On behalf of the Victorian Government, Sustainability Victoria is delivering $10 million to encourage investment in the state’s bioenergy sector – the biggest ever Victorian grant funding investment in bioenergy.

The Waste to Energy Fund: Bioenergy will support projects that create bioenergy from organic waste. The output of which may be electricity, heat, gas or liquid fuels. The fund is expected to deliver an additional 5,000 kW to Victoria’s renewable energy production. Funding is also available to develop end uses for the residual products created by the treatment process.

The programme will support organisations to dispose of waste in an environmentally friendly way while reducing their operational costs, including energy bills. Projects will process waste that would have otherwise gone to landfill or been disposed of in a way that does not leverage its value as an energy source, such as crop residue burning.

A wide range of sectors will be supported by the fund, including:

  • agricultural and livestock

  • forestry

  • food production

  • food retail

  • wastewater management.


Residential kerbside waste is not included. Eligible organisations can apply to Sustainability Victoria for grants to scope out and implement projects that use organic waste to produce bioenergy.

Funding will support projects at different stages of their development through 2 streams:

Stream 1 will support projects to scope, test and gain approvals to achieve the pre-financial close phases of a bioenergy project. Applicants can apply for grants of between $20,000 and $250,000.

Stream 2 will support projects with a proven business case to purchase, construct, and commission infrastructure to convert organic matter into bioenergy. Applicants can apply for grants of between $50,000 and $1 million.

Applications close at 11:59 pm on 26 August 2022.


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