REA – What can the biomass industry do to win over sceptics?

In our September/October edition, we asked a handful of industry experts one question – what can the biomass industry do to win over sceptics? This response is by Mark Sommerfeld, head of power and flexibility at the Association for Renewable Energy and Clean Technology (REA).

"For the last few years, public support for biomass, and its use within renewable bioenergy production, has remained stable. Over the past three years, the UK Government’s public attitudes tracker has consistently demonstrated that over two-thirds of respondents either support, or strongly support biomass use. While such support suggests the public does understand the role biomass has to play in decarbonisation, it also highlights the need for industry to continue to do more if it is to enjoy the same levels of support seen by other clean technologies. To do so means continuing to show strong commitments to high sustainability governance arrangements, transparent carbon accounting and ensuring energy generation projects benefit the communities they are based in.

Sustainability remains a complicated issue and is not easy to engage with within the...

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