REA welcomes the publication of the REMA consultation

The Association for Renewable Energy and Clean Technology (REA) has welcomed the publication of the Review of Electricity Market Arrangements (REMA) consultation, saying it is looking forward to working alongside the government, REA members and the wider industry on the proposals.

REMA is an extensive review into Britain's electricity market design, and will identify reforms needed to transition to a decarbonised, cost effective and secure electricity system.

The REA believes that rapid installation of the reforms once agreed will be imperative, alongside the protection of existing renewables investments in light of any wider changes.

Decarbonising electricity markets while simultaneously keeping the lights on and delivering affordable power is a challenge, but the REA and its members will continue to make the case for the most effective solutions.

Frank Gordon, Director of Policy at the REA said: "The REA welcomes the publication of the REMA consultation and we look forward to working with the Government, our members and our industry on the proposals. We will keep pushing for the best way ahead to decarbonise our electricity markets, while keeping the lights on and delivering affordable power.

“We believe a rapid implementation of reforms, once agreed, will be vital to the target of a Net Zero electricity system by 2035, and will emphasise the need to protect existing renewables investments alongside any wider changes. We will now work with our members to fully analyse the proposals and their possible impacts."

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