REA defends biomass following MPs’ call to restrict subsidies

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In reaction to recent scrutiny of the biomass power sector, in the media and in Parliament, the REA (Association for Renewable Energy and Clean Technology) has highlighted the ongoing importance of biomass power in reaching net zero.
In a statement, Mark Sommerfield, deputy director of policy at the REA, said:
“The Climate Change Committee (CCC), International Energy Agency (IEA), and UN Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (UNIPCC) all identify an important ongoing role for sustainable biomass power in delivering a decarbonised energy system. The sector already contributes 13% of renewable power in the UK and utilises a wide range of feedstocks, including waste wood, contributing to the circular economy.
"In particular, within their sixth carbon budget, the CCC state that engineered carbon removals of 58 MTCO2/year are required by 2050. The majority of this is expected to be delivered by Bioenergy with Carbon Capture and Storage (BECCS), the most scalable engineered carbon removal technology today.
"The industry is fully committed to ensuring this is done correctly.  The UK already has world leading sustainability governance arrangements, which the government and industry are already committed to further enhancing. Last year the Chief Scientific Officer to the Government’s energy department concluded that that there is no scientific reason as to why BECCS cannot be delivered sustainably in the UK.
"The REA supports the creation of a mechanism designed as a bridge to BECCS. The proposed mechanism will maintain existing generation capacity at low cost, while providing a mandatory pathway for BECCS delivery. Ensuring that these existing low carbon generation stations have a clear market signal regarding their future is essential for the timely and cost-effective investment.
"Responding to the urgency of climate change means that we must continue investing in critical negative emissions technologies now if we are going to deliver an affordable, secure and decarbonised energy system.”

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