REA calls for UK Prime Minister to embrace ‘huge opportunity’ in low-carbon energy

The UK’s renewable energy and clean technology industry is urging Prime Minister Theresa May to embrace the “huge industrial opportunity” that moving to a low-carbon society presents.

The call comes in the aftermath of May’s speech outlining her government’s priorities for Brexit, which included leaving the European single market.

Nina Skorupska, CEO at the Renewable Energy Association said in a statement that the UK has “shown leadership” over the past decade in the global phenomenon of advancing renewables and clean technology.

“The transition to a low-carbon society is a huge industrial opportunity that is being embraced by many of the other great trading nations, such as Germany, China, India, and the US. The industry needs clarity on the long term vision and government ambition in these areas,” she said.

The UK, according to Skorupska, has the opportunity to “lead the way” in areas such as energy storage, electric vehicles, and bioenergy.

“In the short to medium term, how we leave the EU is fundamental to this sector. If we do this badly, we will see rising bills for consumers, a deserted industry, and threat to keeping the lights on. Energy and the environment are two of the most complex and intertwined areas of UK and EU legislation.

“Every company in every sector wants a smooth, orderly and clear transition, yet the repercussions in this area are so wide ranging it has to be a top priority for the Prime Minister and her government. Post-Brexit there are still many areas [where] we can, and should, work with the EU, with the Internal Energy Market and Climate Agreements being the two most important for our members,” Skorupska concluded.

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