Québec authority publishes “national standard on biomethane quality” for Canada

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The Bureau de normalisation du Québec (BNQ) has published the Canadian standard CAN/BNQ 3672-100 Biomethane — Quality Specifications for Injection into Natural Gas Distribution and Transmission Systems.
The biomethane quality specifications established in this standard aim at reducing risks on human health and environment as well as guaranteeing satisfactory and safe operation of equipment powered with biomethane and protecting gas networks, according to BNQ.
In order for biomethane to be injected into the natural gas distribution and transmission networks, and thus to be approved for the Canadian market, it is necessary that its composition be compatible with that of natural gas, added the organisation.
Published for the first time in 2012, the standard has contributed to the development of biomethane in Quebec.
Moreover, to benefit the rapidly expanding Canadian market and to meet the need for a normative framework, this second edition of the standard became a National Standard of Canada.
Isabelle Landry, principal director at BNQ, said: "The potential for using biomethane as a clean energy source has yet to be developed. Certain obstacles may slow down its use and create additional costs and delays during the project implementation, among which is the variability of quality of this biogas.
"This standard is more relevant than ever since it precisely responds to a growing need for quality homogenisation in order to ease and speed up the injection of this precious resource into the natural gas systems throughout Canada."

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