Quadrogen installs landfill gas-to-biomethane project in BC

Quadrogen Power Systems has installed its innovative biomethane (or RNG) generation project utilising landfill gas from the Vancouver Landfill in Delta, British Columbia.

FortisBC has also received approval from the BC Utilities Commission to purchase up to 60,000 gigajoules annually of the produced RNG for injection into its natural gas infrastructure, enough energy to meet the needs of approximately 700 residential homes in the province.

“The successful commissioning of Quadrogen’s biomethane project to process landfill gas from municipal waste into RNG, meeting FortisBC’s pipeline specifications, is a significant milestone,” said Alakh Prasad, president and CEO of Quadrogen.

“It demonstrates the integrity and commitment of our team, project partners, and sponsors in delivering world-class, high-performance gas clean-up and upgrading solutions.”

FortisBC will transport the RNG from the project site in Delta by tanker truck, creating a ‘virtual pipeline’ to test the logistics of moving RNG by truck. The utility will partner with independent transport company Certaurus, which will transport the RNG around 17 kilometres from the Delta project site to an existing FortisBC natural gas pressure regulation station in Richmond. Injecting RNG as the pressure regulation station eliminates the need to install new infrastructure.

Doug Stout, vice-president of market development with FortisBC, said: “This is an exciting opportunity to pilot a commercial transportation application for RNG.

“This paves the way to deliver this carbon-neutral energy to or from any area of the province that is not currently accessible through existing natural gas infrastructure.”

The Natural Gas Innovation Fund (NGIF) invested $265,532 towards Quadrogen’s project. John Adams, managing director at NGIF, said: “NGIF was excited to support Quadrogen in its work to advance RNG development.

“The ability to clean up landfill gas and upgrade it into renewable energy that can be used in natural gas infrastructure is extremely valuable for utilities such as FortisBC.

“Renewable gases will enhance the natural gas delivery industry’s role in Canada’s clean energy future.”

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