Pure Energy joins American Biogas Council

Pure Energy Group (PEG) has joined the American Biogas Council (ABC), a US trade association representing organisations dedicated to maximising the production and use of biogas from organic waste.

PEG recently finished building its waste-to-energy system at a brewery in the region of San
Francisco Bay Area, and expects it to reach full production capacity later this year.

'The ABC is the nation's leader for our industry. As we prepare for the official launch of our urban anaerobic digestion system, it was important for us to team up with an organisation that shares our principals and goals of promoting the production and use of renewable energy,' says Brandon
Julian, PEG's CEO. 'We're excited about the potential to partner with member companies as the industry prepares to take anaerobic energy production mainstream.'

Using patented technology developed at Utah State University, PEG's high-rate anaerobic digestion technology offers the ability to convert organic waste streams, such as food and other organic urban waste, into renewable clean energy. PEG's project has the ability to generate power around the clock while reducing organic waste by 70% or more.

'Our new system will provide an opportunity for the biogas industry to showcase how new technologies can more effectively reduce the amount of waste going into local landfills while generating a substantial, economically viable source of energy,' Julian adds.

He continues: 'As this will be the first waste-to-energy system to be permitted and operational in an urban setting, we see the potential to grow into different industries and communities such as technology campuses with large cafeterias, university campuses, military bases, correctional facilities and any other enterprise that generates a large amount of organic waste.'

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