Public meeting organised to oppose biogas facility in Galway, Ireland

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A public meeting will take place in Gort in Galway, Ireland, on 4 January to discuss a controversial biogas facility from Sustainable Bioenergy Ltd, which has received planning permission from An Bord Pleanála.
The public meeting is being organised by the Gor Bio Gas Concern Group, which has voiced substantial opposition to the project.
The Bord overturned the county council's decision for the biogas plant on the outskirts of Gord. The council's reasons for twice refusing approval concerned traffic hazards, the area's unsuitability for large-scale industrial developmenet and potential environmental impacts.
The proposed biogas plant in the townlands of Ballynamantan, Kinincha and Glenbrack would be used to treat farm waste in order to produce fertiliser and energy.
An Bord Pleanála overturned the decision in 2020, subject to 22 conditions.
The project has seen heavy local opposition, with hundreds of objections submitted to the council when it was considering these applications.
The public meeting being organised by the Gort Bio Gas Concern Group will take place at Sullivan’s Hotel in Gort at 7:30pm on 4 January.

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