Public buses to run on biogas in Karachi

According to Thomson Foundation Reuters News, the Pakistani port city of Karachi is introducing cleaner-running buses that will be powered by biomethane.

The international Green climate Fund is aiding the project, helping Karachi launch its zero-emission Green Bus Rapid Transit (BRT). The network will consist of 200 biomethane fuelled buses. The biomethane is to be made from cow manure and will stop around 3,200 tonnes of it from going to waste.

Thomson Foundation Reuters News states that locals have said that the new bus system is going to help reduce air pollution and street noise. However concerns were raised over whether there will be enough buses to resurrect the city’s ailing transport system.

The “cheap” and clean bus network plans to accommodate 320,000 passengers daily. The new buses aim to reduce planet-warming emissions by 2.6 million tonnes of carbon dioxide equivalent over 30 years.   

A 30 km corridor and an added 25 bus stations will make for the BRT, as well as new secure pedestrian crossings, improved sidewalks, cycle lanes and bike sharing facilities.

According to Thomson Foundation Reuters News, the Green Climate Fund will provide $49 million (€43 million) for the Karachi project which is going to cost a total of $583.5 million (€511.9 million).

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